5 Black Friday tips to beat the crowds

It's all about going online and price matching
5 Black Friday tips to beat the crowds

Some of the smartest shoppers out there don’t want to actually get out anywhere on Black Friday. Many shoppers, like Southern Savers founder Jenny Martin, will be clicking the day away.

“Black Friday is no longer a definite in-store event,” says Martin. “It’s really an online event and so many retailers have already started.”

TIP #1: Check to see if your store has already released its deals.  Martin says Target has put up all its Black Friday deals online. Kohl’s has also started. 

TIP #2: Amazon will price match every deal and you don’t have to do a thing. “They’re really doing the hunting,” says Martin. “They do this every holiday season—it’s like they refuse to be beaten.”

TIP #3: Doorbuster deals are typically a bust. If you’re looking for the 50-inch TV at Best Buy for $199, chances are, there are only a handful in the actual store. Those deals also won’t be online. However, Martin says she’s seeing TV deals for $250 online. It might be worth it to pay a little more and avoid the hassle, unless you’re someone who enjoys that hassle. “Consider what the value of your time is,” advises Martin.

TIP #4: Don’t forget the drugstores. For example, this holiday, Walgreens has more than 20 items that are free through its rewards program. Martin found that you could actually get paid for buying deodorant.  Just think of December as personal care month!

TIP #5: Learn which stores will price match online retailers. Martin says Target, Toys R Us and Walmart will all price match online stores.  She suggests using her free SouthernSavers app because it can scan an item’s barcode and find the cheapest online price.  Walmart will give you the price match offer right at the register.  Target and Toys R Us will give you the deal at the customer service desk.  Another bonus tip:  If you have a coupon on the item, you can still use it after the price match. 

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