40 Years Of Going Beyond Visit

An anniversary for an economic development power.
40 Years Of Going Beyond Visit




Most folks probably know that tourism is in general a good thing for a city like Madison. But few likely appreciate just how valuable an economic development vehicle the industry as an entire sector really is to our community. Here are but two numbers: one Billion – the dollars generated by visitors to Dane County every year. And twenty thousand – the number of jobs supported by visitors. Tourism is one of the best things we’ve got going.

But here’s the second part of the equation – the remarkable success of the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau. Usually behind the scenes, but with determination and passion, CVB President Deb Archer and her team do extraordinary work promoting our region, and strategically growing Madison’s position as a destination for meetings, business, recreation, entertainment and so much more. They do it with skill, and smarts and a ridiculously small budget. And as of this week, they’ve been doing it for 40 years. That’s an anniversary worth celebrating…and sharing.