4 ways to simplify your DIY projects

4 ways to simplify your DIY projects
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(BPT) – Whether you’re working on a spring home improvement project or a summer task, this is the time of year when you focus on improving your home both inside and out. As you look for ways to make your home even better, nothing beats a good DIY project.

DIY home improvement projects are popular each year, and they can be as big or small, short or long and expensive or inexpensive as you desire. Whether you are an advanced builder or a novice home improver, the options are wide open, but remember the one thing every DIYer can agree on: Eliminating unnecessary difficulties and the chance of having to redo a task is always a plus.

A recent Post-it Brand study conducted by Wakefield Research found nearly 40 percent of workers have to redo a project or task at least once a week specifically because of poor communication. Even professionals run into hurdles along the way, but avoid situations such as this with a few easy tips.

To make your next DIY project go as smoothly as possible, here are four ways you can iron out potential difficulties before they become a problem. After all, a smooth project isn’t just more fun and rewarding, it saves you time.

— Capitalize on subject matter expertise. A little experience goes a long way, and you’ll understandably have an easier time tackling a DIY project you’ve done before. In many cases, however, this isn’t possible, so look to your friends and family to see if any of them have ever completed a similar project. Ask them your questions and learn from their experiences and you’ll gain valuable insight about what to do – and what not to do – before your project even gets started.

— Keep accurate, durable notes. Throughout the course of your project, you’ll take notes regarding processes, punch lists, measurements and the materials you need. However, even a slight miscommunication or lost note can compromise the project, even for a professional.