4 teas to try at Macha

Refreshing teas to cleanse your palette
4 teas to try at Macha
Larry Chua

Asamushi Okumidori Sencha comes from a high-grade tea leaf from Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan. This light, organic and floral tea is highly caffeinated and recently won third place in the North American Tea Championship.

Oolong tea is best brewed in a gaiwan or clay Yixing pot. The leaves can be oxidized across a broad spectrum, allowing some to taste like spring with floral notes while others offer up a buttery, nutty or smoky flavor. Oolong teas are some of the most complex teas.

Raw Pu-erh is slightly smoky, sweet and complex with probiotic properties. This tea comes from the Yunnan Province of China and is thought to lower cholesterol. Tea leaves are sun-dried, then pressed into a cake that will age for many years.

Matcha is made all over Japan and is a highly complex and herbaceous tea with sweetness and umami. The bright green color occurs because the leaves are shaded before harvest, which boosts the chlorophyll in the tea leaf. Matcha in powder form will settle and taste flat, so it’s recommended to consume quickly (and with mochi, a confection that puts a little sweetness on your palate.)