4 pop-up eateries you’ll want to know about

Madison food makers offer plenty of...
4 pop-up eateries you’ll want to know about

Pop-up eateries aren’t only for the late-night crowd. Madison food makers offer plenty of opportunities to experience the excitement of these intimate events. Just bring an appetite and
an adventurous spirit.

Pop-ups may appear to suddenly materialize, but according to Francesco Mangano, owner and chef of Osteria Papavero, executing this type of event can take a couple of weeks to prepare. For him, they typically occur on Sunday when his downtown restaurant is closed, and they’re meant to offer his most trusted cook the opportunity to “shine” as a chef for the day. Believe Mangano when he says his pop-ups are neither “improvised” nor “amateur.” But how to know when he’s hosting one? He’ll tack a poster to Papavero’s front door.

Jonny Hunter of Underground Food Collective says pop-ups allow a chef to try out a new concept. Although he feels pop-ups had their heyday eight years ago, Madison is experiencing a renaissance of these fun events. Hunter should know. He has done them all over the world, including hundreds in Madison, and supports fellow chefs by attending their pop-ups whenever he can.

Rachel Verbrick, co-owner with husband Anthony Verbrick of Macha Tea Company, says the day-to-day focus at Macha is tea. But hosting pop-ups at their East Johnson Street location every so often allows them the opportunity to cook the “comfort foods” of Southeast Asia, Japan and China. They hope to collaborate with other Madison chefs, offering their space for pop-ups. They share info on events through social media and mailing lists.

Sarah Artz is owner of One-One Thousand, a recent startup that provides a space for artists to practice their craft, sell their handmade goods and learn how to build a business. In collaboration with Hive, a Madison-based event-planning company geared toward millennials, she hosts monthly “Handcrafted Happy Hours” at different local bars and restaurants to introduce guests to food- and drink-makers. Believing “the element of surprise” is part of the fun of these events, Artz announces the where and when of her pop-ups through Instagram and Facebook.