4 men pull driver from car, beat, rob him, police say

A 34-year-old man parked in his car was robbed and beaten after he was approached by a stranger Friday, police said.

Madison police said the Madison man was not feeling well Friday at about 2:37 p.m., so he pulled his car over on Lumley Road, just off Seminole Highway. He was taking a rest when someone rapped on the window asking for a cigarette.

The victim told the man he doesn’t smoke, the report said. His driver’s side door popped open and four men pulled him to the pavement. Two held him down; one punched him in the head and the fourth went through his pockets.

The robbers took cash from his wallet and fled, police said. He described his attackers as black men in their 40s. One was wearing a bright orange hunting-style stocking cap.

The victim told police the attackers got into a mid-’90s blue Toyota, possibly a Corolla or a Camry, with rust on it and a damaged rear bumper.