4 charged following deadly Milwaukee shooting after body found in vehicle in Cambridge

MILWAUKEE — Four people are now facing charges after police found the body of a man killed in a Milwaukee shooting inside a vehicle in Cambridge earlier this month.

Last Monday, Dane County sheriff’s deputies found the 34-year-old Kaukauna man’s body inside a vehicle following a confrontation with 28-year-old Angelina Ruesch of Hartland.

The shooting

According to a criminal complaint, the victim was shot in the 2000 block of West Fairmount Avenue early in the morning on Jan. 17. A neighbor reported hearing two gunshots followed by a person saying to “clean the basement.” The neighbor’s son told police he saw two people — whom he believed to be a man and a woman — loading a body into a black Mercedes-Benz.

Detectives searched the home and reportedly found a duffle bag with a spent shell casing inside. A detective noticed a “strong odor of bleach” in the basement, according to the complaint.

Danielle Eaton Cropped

Danielle Eaton. Courtesy: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

Melissa Calvert Cropped

Melissa Calvert. Courtesy: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

The complaint also said a forensic investigator searching the basement found evidence of blood on the floor. An autopsy ruled the man’s death a homicide, saying he died as a result of being shot in the chest.

According to the complaint, a family member of 36-year-old Danielle Eaton of Milwaukee told a detective she heard 48-year-old Mack Chambliss, Eaton’s boyfriend, get into an argument with a man she didn’t know. They reportedly told the detective Chambliss pistol-whipped the man before shooting him.

After that, the family member reportedly saw Chambliss and a woman, who police believe was Ruesch, carry the man out of the house and put him into the car.

Chambliss is charged with first-degree reckless homicide as a party to a crime using a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon and hiding a corpse as a party to a crime.

Police called the home’s owner, who said he had put Eaton in charge of the home while he was away. According to the complaint, police knew Eaton was a witness in a previous homicide case, so they began searching for her out of concern for her safety.

The complaint said police went to a home in the 8800 block of West Fairmount Avenue to search for Eaton. They found her there along with 34-year-old Melissa Calvert, a convicted felon. At the time police arrived, Calvert reportedly had a gun holstered at her waist.

Calvert reportedly told police Eaton had come to her home and asked her to burn a bag of clothes. Calvert is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Eaton, meanwhile, is charged with hiding a corpse as a party to a crime and harboring or aiding a felon as a party to a crime.

The Cambridge scene

According to the criminal complaint, surveillance video showed Ruesch parking the Mercedes in the 200 block of West Main Street in Cambridge shortly after 7 p.m. on Jan. 17 before getting out and putting a blanket or towel over something in the back seat before walking away.

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Angelina Ruesch Cropped

Angelina Ruesch. Courtesy: Dane County Jail.

Police responded to the area for a check person call around 7:40 p.m. When they arrived, they found the Mercedes and checked its license plate, at which point they learned the vehicle had just fled from a traffic stop in Jefferson County, the complaint said.

The deputies were then dispatched to a nearby home where they saw Ruesch, who was reportedly armed with a pistol. The complaint said Ruesch struggled with the deputies, who at one point Tased her. Eventually, the deputies were able to arrest Ruesch.

According to the complaint, the gun Ruesch had on her had a single shell in it which matched the casing at the shooting scene.

Ruesch is charged in Milwaukee County with hiding a corpse as a party to a crime and harboring or aiding a felon as a party to a crime. She was also arrested on tentative charges of recklessly endangering safety, resisting while armed, disorderly conduct while armed, and carrying a concealed weapon in Dane County.