37 dog-friendly restaurants, bars and patios to visit this summer

Bone appétit to you and your best friend

While some dogs are more polite and quiet than certain humans, canines are sadly not allowed in all public places. But there are some dog-friendly spots that allow pet owners to bring their four-legged friends when they go out to eat or grab a drink. For those whose dogs are part of the family, we’re happy to provide a list of 37 places that allow dogs inside and/or on the patio. Also check out a few dog-centric events taking place in the Madison area.

BarleyPop Tap and Shop
BarleyPop welcomes all good doggos into its Atwood Avenue taproom as well as the patio area. Feel free to bring your leashed pup into this bottle shop and taproom for a pint at the bar or at a shared table. Your four-legged friend will likely get a lot of attention and lots of pets. If you and your companion are busy running errands, you can do some beer shopping here and continue on. BarleyPop periodically hosts Pints for Pups events with Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin Inc. Co-owner Jason Hajdik is considering a few summer dog event ideas – possibly a doggie pub-crawl. “We love our furry good boys/girls!” says Hajdik. 2045 Atwood Ave., 888-1698; BarleyPop Live (dogs allowed except during shows), 121 W. Main St., 284-7243

Capital Brewery37 dog-friendly restaurants, bars and patios to visit this summer

It’s your pet’s time to shine at Capital Brewery, which hosts several dog-centric events throughout the year, the biggest being Dogtoberfest. Its annual shindig draws more than 600 humans and their dogs. This year’s event takes place on Sept. 15 and includes bluegrass tunes, local food and brews. Capital also has three “Yappy Hours” with Brown Paws Rescue planned this summer – 6 to 8 p.m. on July 16, Aug. 29 and Sept. 18. During Yappy Hours events, local pet shop Tabby & Jack’s offers $10 “paw-dicures,” and 100 percent of the proceeds go to Brown Paws Rescue. (Fun fact: Five Capital employees have adopted dogs from Brown Paws Rescue events at the brewery.) Leashed pups are always allowed on the patio and in the biergarten, except when the biergarten gets busy on Fridays. Capital has some doggie regulars, including Bo, a giant white Pyrenees, and Echo, a mini Australian shepherd “who drinks beer and rides a motorcycle,” says Erica Festge, Capital’s bar manager. “They are all so sweet and cute – nobody can resist taking a break from pouring beer to give them some love,” says Festge. 7734 Terrace Ave, Middleton, 836-7100

This downtown cigar bar is the epitome of chill, and the fact that Maduro allows dogs inside and on the patio only adds to its chill factor. One of Maduro’s regulars often brings in Finn, a yellow lab. Feel free to ask for a water bowl if you bring in your pup. Bartender Brett Semenas says he gets some company every once in a while when a dog runs behind the bar. Careful, Maduro’s bartenders just might teach your dog a few new tricks, like how to sit, stay and shake (a cocktail, that is). 117 E. Main St., 294-9371

Octopi Brewing37 dog-friendly restaurants, bars and patios to visit this summer

This Waunakee brewery is a great spot to bring Spot. Dogs are allowed inside and out on the patio, and well-behaved canines can be unleashed, says Claudia Roen, hospitality manager and event coordinator. A super-friendly pug named Ruben might wiggle his bum over to you and ask to be petted when you walk in. Ruben keeps the Octopi team entertained. 1131 Uniek Drive, Waunakee, 620-4705

One Barrel Brewing
In the heart of Schenk’s Corners is a brewery that lets you bring your leashed and well-behaved pooch into the taproom. This establishment is in a dog-walking dream area of the Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara neighborhood. Founder Peter Gentry says the majority of dogs that visit the brewery are pretty-laid back, “just like our customers,” he says. 2001 Atwood Ave., 630-9286

Poindexter Coffee at Graduate Madison37 dog-friendly restaurants, bars and patios to visit this summer
Dogs are treated like VIPs at Graduate Madison. The pet-friendly hotel (with no pet fee) on Langdon Street gives pet owners a complimentary BarkBox full of dog treats and toys upon arrival. (Graduate concierge staff members also give guests info on how to subscribe to BarkBox’s monthly subscription deliveries). Staff then delivers to your room a personalized dog bowl and a Graduate Madison-branded blanket that you have the option to buy at the end of your stay. You and your dog are allowed in the lobby area, the ground-floor patio and in Poindexter Coffee, located right off the lobby. Graduate Madison often hosts dog-related events, including a Puppy Bowl Party in February. Last year the hotel partnered with Fetch WI Rescue for the Puppy Bowl fundraiser, which included a bloody mary bar, puppy games and more. 601 Langdon St., 257-4391

State Line Distillery37 dog-friendly restaurants, bars and patios to visit this summer

Staff at this dog-friendly distillery would love you to bring your leashed dog to the taproom. As you sip craft cocktails in an industrial part of the Marquette neighborhood, your dog will enjoy munching on Milk-Bone treats and lapping water from one of two water bowls that are usually out. State Line has a patio area, too, in case you and your pet need some fresh air. State Line founder and head distiller John Mleziva often brings in his dog Shadow, a Shetland sheepdog who loves people and other dogs. “We love having dogs in our space!” says Mleziva. State Line partnered with Underdog Pet Rescue for a Pints for Pups event in June. Watch for similar events to be put on the schedule this summer. 1413 Northern Court, 268-6201

Table Wine
This Atwood Avenue wine shop loves all dogs, big and small. “Last year, my dog of 12 years passed away, so I get my doggie fix with all of the customer dogs that come to visit,” says owner Molly Moran. They are welcome to come into the shop or hang out on the patio while their owners sip wine or attend a class – but Moran asks that they be leashed and stay off the furniture out of consideration for other customers. There’s usually a water bowl outside for thirsty doggies, and Moran says she relies on her friends at bad dog frida just down the road for recommendations on what complimentary dog treats to offer at the shop. Table Wine has hosted Pints for Pups events with Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin in the past, and Moran says there might be another such event this summer. 2045 Atwood Ave., 284-9732

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
Wisconsin Brewing Co. is the place for dogs with discerning palates, as there are artisan dog treats offered in this taproom. Chocolate Lab Biscuits are made from the spent grain from Wisconsin Brewing Co.’s Chocolate Lab Porter – the beer with a chocolate Labrador retriever on the label (makes perfect sense, right?). It gets better. Kathy Hiteman, the retail manager, and Carl Nolen, the CEO, own a chocolate Lab named Porter, who frequents the brewery. Many other staff dogs are also regulars at the brewery, including Henny and Tilly the dachshunds, Malley and Maggie the Irish setters, Phil the mixed-breed dog and Bella the golden retriever. Bring your canine companion to this locally owned and operated brewery to hang out in the taproom or find a spot out on the lawn. While dogs are almost always allowed, dogs are not allowed on Friday nights or during large events. On July 21 and Sept. 8, bring your furry friend out for fundraisers, one supporting Capital K-9s and the latter supporting OccuPaws. 1079 American Way, Verona, 848-1079

Patios For Pups

When patio season resumes at Alchemy Cafe, it’s an open invitation to all four-legged friends to stop by. (Humans are invited, too, obviously.) The Atwood Avenue eatery offers water bowls and treats, so your dog can enjoy a nice night out alongside you. Out on the patio, you might see a husky mix named Ruckus lounging around – he belongs to Michael Randall, an Alchemy staffer. 1980 Atwood Ave., 204-7644

Bassett Street Brunch Club37 dog-friendly restaurants, bars and patios to visit this summer

Brunch gets better when you’re allowed to bring your buddy along. Leashed dogs are allowed at outdoor tables at Bassett Street Brunch Club, which welcomes canines and provides water and the occasional treat. “My staff loves dogs,” says Michelle Duvall, general manager. “They are always the most talked about guests.” Bassett Street Brunch Club also showcases some of its four-legged friends on its Instagram page, @brunchclubmadison. 444 W. Johnson St., 467-5051

The Boathouse at The Edgewater
All dogs are allowed aboard the Boathouse pier and patio. The Edgewater’s lakeside eatery is one of the more scenic spots where you and your pup can hang out together for dinner. Let a lakeside breeze cool off you and your dog while you relax and take in a summer sunset over the water. The hotel’s guest rooms are also pet-friendly, as is the grand plaza, which often hosts live music, outdoor movies and other events. 1001 Wisconsin Ave., 535-8200

The Great Dane Pub and Brewing Co.
It seems fitting that dogs are allowed in the patio areas of The Great Dane Pub and Brewing Co.’s east side, Hilldale and Wausau locations. After all, The Great Dane is named after a canine. Since the downtown location’s patio is only accessible through the restaurant, dogs aren’t allowed at that spot, and the Fitchburg location allows dogs only on special “Dog Days.” Branded dog dishes are offered for canine guests, and those bowls are available for purchase, along with other dog-related gifts, including collars and leashes. The Great Dane’s vice president and brewmaster often brings in his Lab, Jax – who enjoys his side job as a visiting buddy. We were curious if the pub and brewery receives many visitors that are Great Danes, but Ted Peterson, director of operations, says they’ve only seen a few. “We wonder if [their owners’] vehicles are too small!” Peterson says. Good point. 357 Price Place, 661-9400 (Hilldale); 876 Jupiter Drive, 442-1333 (east side); 2305 Sherman St., Wausau, 845-3000

The Green Owl Cafe
Loving and protecting animals are among the many reasons vegetarians and vegans choose to eat plant-based diets, so it’s fitting that The Green Owl Cafe – a vegetarian/vegan restaurant – allows diners to have their beloved dogs with them on the patio. Owner Jennie Capellaro says it’s also fun for the staff to meet and greet visiting pets. And staff will gladly fill up a water bowl when they see a thirsty pup. 1970 Atwood Ave., 285-5290

Madison Sourdough37 dog-friendly restaurants, bars and patios to visit this summer

Madison Sourdough has a dreamy little patio outside of its Willy Street storefront that’s a perfect pit stop for you and your pup. Sit and relax while you sip on a latte or enjoy a pastry. Meanwhile, your dog can relax next to your red wrought-iron chair in a tree-shaded area and lap up some water from a complimentary bowl. “For a lot of pet owners, your dog is a part of your family, so it’s very nice to have a place you can bring them with you instead of leaving them at home or in the car,” says Kaitlin Zarovy, administrative director at Madison Sourdough. 916 Williamson St., 442-8009

Memorial Union Terrace
If you love spotting dogs, the Memorial Union Terrace is a gold mine. While no animals are allowed inside Memorial Union or on the terrace where the sunburst chairs are, dog owners are allowed to have their leashed pets in the area closest to the water along Lakeshore Path. There are picnic tables and steps that you and your pup can rest on. In the summer, the terrace is a heavily populated gathering spot, so use your best judgment about whether it’s the right environment for your dog. 800 Langdon St., 265-3000

Michael’s Frozen Custard
After a long walk with Fido in the hot sun, you can both cool off with a frozen treat and some time in the shade at Michael’s Frozen Custard. Post up under a red-and-white-striped umbrella and get a sundae for yourself and a “K-9 Custard” for your pup. The $3.59 dog treat will be a perfect snack on a hot day for your pup. Numerous water bowls are put out in front of this custard and burger shop, which has become a Madison landmark, so you and Fido can both fuel up for the walk home. 2531 Monroe St., 231-3500; 5602 Schroeder Road, 276-8100; 3826 Atwood Ave., 222-4110

Mickey’s Tavern37 dog-friendly restaurants, bars and patios to visit this summer

Tucked behind this corner tavern is an outdoor oasis, where you and your pet can hang out together on Willy Street. The fenced-in patio is spacious and umbrella-covered to keep everyone comfortable. A colorful mural and twinkling lights make this outdoor spot feel cozy, but having dogs in the space makes it feel even friendlier, says Adam Domka, Mickey’s social media manager. “Who can be upset if there’s a pup in their face?” says Domka. Mickey’s asks that you keep your dogs leashed, and they provide complimentary water bowls. 1524 Williamson St., 251-9964

Robinia Courtyard
Your canine might become a “courtdog” if you visit Robinia Courtyard enough. This laid-back outdoor courtyard is located in the building that houses the restaurant Jardin, the bar MadisonTap and the coffee shop Black Locust Cafe. It’s a dog owners’ paradise where you can unleash your well-behaved dog and hang out with two- and four-legged friends. Nearby resident Katie Gaynor can often be found chilling with Bremi the beagle-mix in the courtyard. “He is the quintessential courtdog,” says Jon Reske, co-owner of Robinia Courtyard. “[He] just lazes around taking in live music on a Monday, or soaks up the sunshine on a weekend afternoon.” Robinia is hosting a second annual Robiniminster Kennel Club Dog Show in the courtyard on Sept. 14. The event includes competitions such as best kiss, worst breath, best trick, dog and handler look-alike and the dreaded “gauntlet,” which is an obstacle course that challenges the mightiest and smartest of dogs. The show is put on in partnership with Divine K-9, Underdog Pet Rescue and bad dog frida. 829 E. Washington Ave., 478-0181

The Wise at HotelRED37 dog-friendly restaurants, bars and patios to visit this summer

All 48 rooms at HotelRED are dog friendly, which means you and your furry friend can be travel buds for a trip to Madison, or for a staycation. The $50 pet fee is worth it to stay in this modern boutique hotel that’s in a neighborhood close to many pet-friendly walking paths. (Bonus: Staff members are willing to take your dog for a stroll if you’re unable to.) From the minute you walk in the lobby, your dog will be welcomed with a doggy welcome sign, a water bowl, a welcome package and Wisconsin Brewing Co. spent-grain dog treats. “Like our human guests, we want our animal guests to be comfortable and feel at home,” says Allie Schaitel, HotelRED’s marketing and promotions coordinator. The Wise, the hotel restaurant, can’t extend an invite to your pup inside, but dogs are allowed on the patio. In the past the hotel has worked with Fetch Wisconsin Rescue and Capital K-9s to host dog-centric events featuring food and drinks from The Wise – so keep an eye out for future events. 1501 Monroe St., 819-8228

A Few Other Dog-Friendly Patios We Love

Argus Bar & Grill
123 E. Main St., 256-4141

Bandung Indonesian Restaurant
600 Williamson St., 255-6910

Cafe Hollander
701 Hilldale Way, 237-3168

Craftsman Table & Tap
6712 Frank Lloyd Wright Ave., Middleton, 836-3988

Echo Tap & Grill
554 W. Main St., 256-6928

Forage Kitchen
665 State St., 286-1455; 715 Hilldale Way, 819-6223

12 S. Carroll St., 255-2430

Genna’s Lounge
105 W. Main St., 255-4770

3698 Kinsman Blvd., 241-4812

Manna Cafe & Bakery
611 N. Sherman Ave., 663-5500

Marigold Kitchen
118 S. Pinckney St., 661-5559

Monty’s Blue Plate Diner
2089 Atwood Ave., 244-8505

Salvatore’s Tomato Pies (Madison location)
912 E. Johnson St., 238-6040

Sweet Home Wisconsin
910 Regent St., 819-6622

Tip Top Tavern
601 N. North St., 241-5515

Villa Dolce
1828 Parmenter St., Middleton, 833-0033

Vintage Brewing Co.
674 S. Whitney Way, 204-2739; 600 Water St., Sauk Prairie, 370-8200

These events are for the dogs

Yappy Hour with Brown Paws Rescue at Capital Brewery, July 16
Capital K-9 fundraiser at Wisconsin Brewing Co., July 21
Yappy Hour with Brown Paws Rescue at Capital Brewery, Aug. 29
OccuPaws Puptoberfest fundraiser at Wisconsin Brewing Co., Sept. 8
Dogtoberfest at Capital Brewery, Sept. 15
Yappy Hour with Brown Paws Rescue at Capital Brewery, Sept. 18
Robiniminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Robinia Courtyard, Sept. 14

Doggedly lawful

The rule about dogs on patios is about to change. Currently, the Public Health Madison & Dane County state office requires establishments with retail food licenses to obtain an approved variance that allows dogs in the businesses’ outdoor spaces. But a rule revision that will allow dogs in outside seating areas of food establishments without the need for an approved variance is very likely to be approved in the near future. The revision was drafted in 2015, but it did not move forward in the process due to a short legislative session, according to James Kaplanek, section chief for retail food and recreational programs for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Once the new policy takes effect, all of the same strict requirements – including having a separate entrance so dogs do not enter the food establishment to reach the outdoor dining area, signage, immediate excrement cleanup in outside seating areas, no pets on furniture, etc. – will still be enforced. If a business has a retail food license that serves food or has a food and drink license, dogs are not allowed inside, unless they’re service and patrol dogs.

Andrea Behling is editor of Madison Magazine. Former summer 2018 intern Lawrence Andrea contributed to this listing.