31 State Street stores have gone out of business since June. 14 more are in jeopardy.

Here are 3 ways you can help right now.

MADISON, Wis.– On June 1st, State Street was home to 150 local businesses. Today, there are less than 120.

The past six months have been extraordinarily challenging for small business owners in Madison and nationwide.

A new Bank of America survey released this week reinforced what many had predicted: the economic effects of the pandemic will last long after any vaccine. Just 12% of business owners anticipate hiring in the next 12 months, while 60% believe the pandemic will impact their bottom lines well into 2022.

“Numbers are going to be down no matter what we do,” explained Tiffany Kenney, from Madison’s Central Business Improvement District. “But the more support we can give our businesses in this last push of the year, the more likely they’ll be here in the spring.”

Here are 3 ways you can do that:

1. Shop local for your last-minute holiday gifts. The ground shipping deadline has now passed, so shopping small and in-person can benefit both you and local businesses. Most shops have made drastic changes to keep shoppers safe. You can find out what they’ve done in this video.

2. Buy a gift card to your favorite local business. Not only do gift cards make great gifts for friends and family, they also show local shops you’re making a commitment to them.

“You’re going to come back and redeem that card,” Kenney said. “And maybe add a few extra things on top of that. It shows that business how much you care about them.”

Right now, Madison’s Central Business Improvement District is offering a special gift card bundle on its site: Buy four $25 cards from one, or several, State Street stores and you’ll get a $10 bonus card, redeemable at more than 150 local businesses, in return.

3. Show your support for local businesses by writing a review or sharing a recommendation. You don’t have to spend money to support small shops. Writing a positive review, telling your family and friends, following them on social media, engaging with their posts, and sharing their shop with your followers are a few easy and free ways you can help small businesses survive this holiday season.