3-year-old fighting cancer becomes police officer

Little girl made honorary officer
3-year-old fighting cancer becomes police officer

Three-year-old Macy Dale has been battling leukemia since November. On Tuesday, she didn’t have to worry about chemotherapy treatments, and instead got the chance to live out one of her biggest dreams.

Macy, who will turn 4 in January, carries a burden most kids her age never even think about.

“All of it together, it’s really overwhelming,” her mom, Alicia Dale, said.

This year, the Dale family of Holmen isn’t sure they can fit their family Christmas celebrations into a schedule filled with chemotherapy treatments in Rochester, Minnesota.

“The first month was really hard on her,” Dale said.

For a little girl, Macy has big dreams, with her sights set far past beating leukemia.

“We watched ‘Zootopia’ and she said that when she grows up she wants to be a cop and catch the bad guys,” her mother said.

Like a character in “Zootopia,” Macy hopes to one day grow up and wear a badge. That day came a little sooner than expected.

Macy’s mom, Alicia, called the Holmen Police Department just asking for a tour.

“We decided to go a little bit above and beyond that,” Holmen police Chief Shane Collins said. “We’re going to have a street lined up with police cars with their lights on. We’re going to give her a tour…then (make) her an honorary police officer for the day.”

Macy got her badge, a token of strength Collins said she can take with her on her battle against cancer.

“When she’s over at Rochester, maybe she can hold onto the badge,” he said.

Other area law enforcement agencies also brought Macy early Christmas gifts, and her day wouldn’t have been complete without a screening of her favorite movie, “Zootopia.”

“I don’t even know how to put it into words,” Dale said. “It was amazing.”

“You kind of get choked up. Its’ pretty incredible,” her dad, Lance Dale said. “I definitely can’t make my face stop smiling now.”

“She’s a kid. She’s 3,” Collins said. “If it was my kid, I guess I’d like something like that to be done.”

Even though Macy has a fight ahead of her, this day was a reminder that she isn’t in it alone.

“Hopefully it can help her to fight the cancer,” Collins said.

“It’s kind of like we’re all in this together,” Alicia Dale said.

Along with Holmen Police Department, there were officers from other agencies, including the La Crosse Police Department, the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department, the Onalaska Police Department and the Wisconsin State Patrol, who all showed up to support Macy.

Macy got to open a number of toys, and her family received gift cards for gas to get to and from Rochester for treatment.