3 ways to make sure your car’s ready for the snow

With an early winter already hitting Wisconsin, now’s the time to make sure your car is prepared before your family hits the (snow-covered) streets.

Our News 3 Now This Morning crew talked to the experts at Smart Motors Toyota on the three things your car needs for the season.

Good Tires. Check out the tread on your wheels with a quarter instead of the ages-old penny trick. If any part of the head of George Washington is covered, it’s time to change your tires

Side note – winter tires aren’t necessary if you live in town, but Smart Motors Toyota suggests them if you live in the country. Look for the snowflake logo on the wheel to make sure you’re purchasing the right kind.

Car batteries. They last between three and five years, depending on the climate. Regular servicing will keep you informed on how long your battery will continue to hold on.
Windshield wipers. You’re looking for a flat, solid beam that makes the most contact with your windshield, as opposed to wipers that have three points of contact.

Watch the video above for more advice from the experts at Smart Motors Toyota.

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