3 things to know about Madison’s all-new ‘Streatery’ program

The city's outdoor dining scene is expanding just in time for the holiday weekend

MADISON, Wis.– Just in time for the holiday weekend, Madison diners will have more options than ever before to eat outside. The city’s new ‘Streatery’ program debuts at 6:45 p.m. on Friday, July 3.

What is it?

All six blocks of State Street, along with several other downtown streets and parking lots will be closed to vehicle traffic to make room for the Streatery Restaurant Recovery Program. Restaurant owners will be allowed to extend their outdoor seating areas onto public sidewalks and streets, giving them the chance to serve more people while still following physical distancing guidelines.

Why is the city starting this?

City officials developed the ‘Streatery’ as a way to help struggling restaurant owners. But, despite its name, the program won’t help just restaurants. Other small business will also be allowed to take full advantage of car-free streets. Local shops can roll out racks of clothes and tables of merchandise without paying an additional vending fee.

How long will it last?

The program is temporary, but city leaders plan to keep it going for most of the summer. Right now, the ‘Streatery’ is scheduled for every weekend from July 3- August 23.

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