3 sought after burglary of U.S Cellular store

3 sought after burglary of U.S Cellular store
Robby Patton, Vanity Garcia and Melvin Whetstone

Darlington police are looking for three people wanted in connection with the burglary of a U.S. Cellular store.

Police said the trio called 911 at 2:05 a.m. on Sept. 17 to report a rape in progress at a Darlington cemetery. Police said they believe the call was placed with the intent of tying up police while they burglarized the store.

Investigators said video at the store shows two men, believed to be Patton and Whetstone, use force to enter through the front door of the store within seconds of the 911 call. The U.S. Cellular store suffered a roughly $30,000 in loss from the burglary.

Warrants were issued this week for Vanity L. Garcia, 25, Robby Patton, 27, and Melvin Whetstone, 31, all from Aurora, Illinois. They’re sought for being party to the crime of burglary, theft, and criminal damage to property.