3 men arrested in connection with Janesville armed robbery at Old Navy

Gerald Hopewell, Shay Rogers, Dominick Delao mugshots

JANESVILLE, Wis. — Police arrested three men Saturday afternoon following an armed robbery in an Old Navy parking lot.

According to a news release from the Janesville Police Department, the three men approached a 30-year-old Milton man who was walking toward the store to return some merchandise.

As the three men approached the victim while driving in a black Toyota, the driver pointed an item at the victim that looked like a gun. The driver demanded money from the victim’s wallet, but the victim said he didn’t have any. One of the suspects forced the victim into the victim’s car and told him to get cash from an ATM.

After withdrawing money from an ATM, the suspects told the victim to drive to a nearby gas station and withdraw more money. Police said the suspects forced the victim to drive back to Old Navy after the victim was unable to take out more money at the gas station.

The suspects then reportedly forced the victim to drive back to Old Navy to buy clothing with his credit card.

When the victim exited the store, he saw the suspect talking to the other men in the black Toyota, so he was able to get in his own vehicle and escape.

As police approached the scene, they received a tip that the suspects were driving south on Deerfield Drive in a black Toyota. The suspects were described as one white man and two Black men.

An officer with the Janesville Police Department pulled the suspects over after they failed to stop for a red stop light at Highway 14 and the I-39/90 south on-ramp.

Police identified the men as the suspects described earlier and subsequently arrested them. The cash, clothing from Old Navy and the look-alike gun were all recovered by police.

The three suspects, 45-year-old Gerald Hopewell, 50-year-old Shay Rogers and 30-year-old Dominick Delao were taken to the Rock County Jail.

Hopewell is facing potential charges of armed robbery and false imprisonment. Rogers is facing a potential party to a crime – armed robbery charge. Delao is facing a potential party to a crime – armed robbery charge.