3 Madison sandwiches we can’t live without

There is no shortage of sandwiches in Madison....
3 Madison sandwiches we can’t live without
Rosie's Coffee Bar and Bakery.

There is no shortage of sandwiches in Madison, that’s for sure. Fresh-baked bread, local cheese and meats along with hand-crafted condiments are what this state is built on. There are a few, however, that are exceptional.

Stop in at Rosie’s Coffee Bar and Bakery for the customer favorite, pear and brie grilled cheese. These two are perfect companions on a cheese plate and become even better friends when they are melted together with a little goat cheese. It’s sweet, a little crunchy and so very warm and creamy, snuggled between two slices of sourdough.

Sometimes we need a big sandwich and napkins, lots of napkins to go with it. Stalzy’s Deli & Bakery is just the neighborhood joint that can satisfy a person’s wintry hunger. Here, it’s got to be the Brooklyn reuben–house-smoked pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, house-made sauerkraut and Russian dressing on freshly baked rye bread. Order a side of the house-made pickled beets. Sweetly sour and served cold, they are swoon worthy.

The gyro at downtown’s Plaka Taverna is a generous amount of oregano and garlic-seasoned lamb and beef–bouncy, sausage-like and juicy with crisp edges–piled atop a warm, soft pita and cooled with a refreshing tzatziki (cucumber and yogurt) sauce, finished with chopped tomatoes and onions. Dine in with this one because once the aromas of Greece fill your head, you won’t be able to wait to dig in.

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