3 Madison dishes that are anything but boring

Every plate has a story—three local chefs tell...
3 Madison dishes that are anything but boring

Farmer John’s Smoked Gouda Pizza
Salvatore’s Tomato Pies
This hand-crafted, family-style pizza available perennially at the Sun Prairie location merges the Italian influence of owner Patrick DePula’s hometown of Trenton, New Jersey, and an all-star ingredient list made possible by hyper-local relationships.

Lavender Crème Brûlee
Chez Nanou
Anne-Marie “Nanou” Rieunier handles this divinely gossamer dish with aplomb, making it unequivocally authentic by infusing it with lavender flowers brought back from the south of France, near her hometown.

Freiburg Gastropub
Chef Aaron Miller conducted countless taste tests to make sure this old-world European dish of chuck eye beef served with sweet and sour red cabbage and potato dumplings is as well received today in Madison as it was in 18th-century Germany.