3 carriers cancel flights at Dane Co. airport

Canceled flights leave travelers scrambling
3 carriers cancel flights at Dane Co. airport

Three of four airlines have canceled all flights in and out of Dane County Regional Airport.

The terminal at the Madison airport was eerily quiet Thursday as a major snowstorm hit southern Wisconsin.

Airport spokesman Brent McHenry said Delta, American and Frontier have canceled all flights. McHenry said two United Airlines flights landed and departed Thursday. On a typical day, the airport has about 100 departures and arrivals.

On Thursday, the airport said just two flights were on time, leaving scores of travelers stranded and scrambling.

“I kept watching online and they weren’t canceling my flight, but everything in front of it was canceled,” said Rachel Morley. “And so I threw everything together in about half an hour. And the roads were terrible getting here.”

While just getting to the airport is bad enough, Morley learned that leaving it can be just as frustrating.

“I already tried calling this morning, and they said the earliest I can get out was Monday, so I’m just scared that with all the delays, everybody’s going to get bumped back,” Morley said.


Morley is hoping to fly to Berlin, where her husband plays basketball. That’s where Matthias Baumann was headed as well.

“All flights around my flights got canceled,” said Baumann. “Mine is so far on schedule, but all the others got canceled.”

Morley’s new itinerary now means a trip to Frankfort with a train ride into Berlin.

But one by one, every flight on Dane County Regional Airport’s departure screen flashed canceled, leaving couples such as Janel and Luis Lopez to consider alternate plans.

“We were going to go to Vegas,” said Janel Lopez. “It’s our 30th wedding anniversary.”

“We’re going to Ho Chunk (Casino in Baraboo),” joked Luis Lopez.

Some were told Monday would be the earliest flight out. Others, such as Janel and Luis Lopez, found an early Christmas gift at a nearby airport. They were able to get a flight from Chicago to Las Vegas.