3 alternative fitness centers in Madison

We can have a healthy heart with these workouts
3 alternative fitness centers in Madison
Photo courtesy of Flyght
Flyght Indoor Cycling

We have the upper hand on that man made of tin, as we already have a heart, but we can make ours even stronger by going to these Best of Madison alternative fitness centers.

For those who don’t necessarily love cardio workouts, try Flyght Indoor Cycling. Cyclists can work at individual fitness levels in a relaxed, positive atmosphere. “Pilots” guide you through a full-body workout that should leave you soaring.

Taking silver this year is MadPower Training Center, which is known for its signature MadPower and Inferno classes. These workouts entail high-intensity intervals of both strength and cardio exercises. Although the workouts are very demanding, people of all fitness levels can attend, as exercise moderations are available.

Finally, try CrossFit MadTown for a unique strength and conditioning program that contains a mixture of gymnastics, aerobic exercises and weight lifting. Keep going and your muscles might grow to be as hard as, well, tin.

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