2,400 Wisconsin National Guard members train to work polls on Election Day

National Guard WEC Training
Wisconsin National Guard members supporting the City of Milwaukee Election Commission sort absentee ballots April 6 in Milwaukee. More than 2,400 Citizen Soldiers and Airmen mobilized to state active duty and stand ready to assist as poll workers in the state's election, if needed. Wisconsin National Guard photo by 1st Lt. Daniel Yarnall

MADISON, Wis. — More than 2,400 members of the Wisconsin National Guard have trained to work as poll workers for Tuesday’s spring election.

The troops gathered Monday to complete training to help support the Wisconsin Elections Commission on Election Day. According to a news release, the troops also began receiving assignments from their local clerks and began helping with polling setup throughout the state.

Officials said the Wisconsin National Guard members will work in the county that they are from, if they are needed.

“While potentially serving as poll workers in this election is a new role for the Wisconsin National Guard, serving our state and civil authorities during times of need is one of our core missions,” Maj. Gen. Paul Knapp, Wisconsin’s adjutant general, said. “I’m incredibly proud of the Citizen Soldiers and Airmen of the Wisconsin National Guard for the versatility and adaptability they’ve demonstrated in getting ready to support this request for assistance.”

According to the release, the Wisconsin Elections Commission also created a video series for chief inspectors, election inspectors and other roles so all poll workers are adequately prepared to work.