24 hours after trespassing citation, homeless man cited again

Mayor called for safety, security changes after feces incident day prior
24 hours after trespassing citation, homeless man cited again
Kenneth Horenkamp and Moses Davis

About 24 hours after a homeless man was cited for trespassing in a downtown Madison building, he was cited again for the same offense, police said.

On Wednesday at about 10 p.m. Madison police said 75-year-old Kenneth J. Horenkamp and 53-year-old Moses Davis set off alarms while bunking down in the second floor of the City-County Building. Both were cited for unlawful trespass.

Police spokesman Joel DeSpain said that on Thursday at about 9 p.m., Horenkamp was found inside a small room adjacent to the Common Council chambers.

“The MPD will continue to work with Mr. Horenkamp with hopes of finding him a more appropriate place to sleep,” DeSpain said.

Horenkamp was cited for trespassing again in the Thursday incident.

In the Wednesday incident, Davis was also cited on suspicion of unlawfully possessing or consuming open intoxicants.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said Wednesday afternoon that safety changes are necessary at the City-County Building after staff found feces in a courtroom that morning.