2015 Fall Arts Preview: Dance

Expert picks on the best of what the fall dance...
2015 Fall Arts Preview: Dance

Madison Ballet, October 16-17
It seems to be the season of steampunk, but who better to take on the dark, quixotic genre fantasy than Dracula? Madison Ballet’s version blends rock music with athletic, contemporary ballet, choreographed by artistic director W. Earle Smith. An original score is performed onstage by
a seven-piece band.

Cirque Mechanics
Overture Center, November 14-15
What do you get when you cross the antique romance of steampunk with the acrobatic grace of Cirque du Soleil? Cirque Mechanics. Cirque Mechanics is movement set to music, most of it on bicycles. For a two-wheel-obsessed town like Madison, that suits us just fine.

armature: In Medias Res
Li Chiao-Ping Dance, December 10-12
“In Medias Res” is the literary technique of starting a story by jumping right into the action. It’s not hard to imagine Li Chiao-Ping’s company, invested as they are in athletic, risk-taking movement, doing just that. The company is nationally recognized, and in 2015, Li was honored as UW’s Vilas Research Professor, one of the first two artists to win this prestigious award.

Kanopy Dance Company, April 8-10
By the time spring finally rolls around, no one is more ready for an explosion of dance, color and joy than snow-dwelling Wisconsinites. Bloom! is described as a “blossoming of modern dance, contemporary ballet, performance art and ethnic-inspired dance,” performed with fanciful costumes.

Companhia Urbana de Dança
Overture Center, April 27
In Companhia Urbana de Dança, eight men of African descent, most from the favelas of Brazil, perform hip-hop, urban and social dances, all set to a Brazilian beat. Samba and capoeira burst forward with muscular, energetic flair. – Laura Jones

A handful of performances share the magic of dance with younger audiences. December brings the holiday tradition of The Nutcracker–with three distinct renditions. Madison Ballet’s grand performance graces the Overture Hall stage (December 12-27, madisonballet.org), while Dance Wisconsin’s pre-professional troupe brings the classic tale to the Wisconsin Union Theater (December 19-20, dancewisconsin.com) and Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker makes a stop at the Orpheum Theater (December 4, madisonorpheum.com). The high-flying adventures of Peter Pan soar into Overture Center thanks to Madison Ballet (March 19-20), and Dance Wisconsin delves farther into fantasy with Alice in Wonderland at the Mitby Theater (April 16-17). – Katie Vaughn

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