2014 brings Meriter Birthing Center nearly 3,900 deliveries

2014 brings Meriter Birthing Center nearly 3,900 deliveries

Anticipation will be building up until midnight to see, not just the famous crystal ball drop, but who will be the first baby of 2015.

When it comes to taking care of new babies, Meriter Birthing Center has won the title of the busiest place in the state.

The center estimated 2014 brought them nearly 3900 deliveries. They have between 10 and 12 deliveries a day.

“In the birthing center alone, we have about 100 nurses and then in our NICU unit we have about another hundred nurses or so,” explained Kathy Kostrivas, assistant vice president of women’s health at Meriter.

She explained how their offering of services for high-risk births, normal newborns and water births draws in people from all backgrounds. The center is also one of two major birthing centers in the area.

Kostrivas said aside from care, their biggest asset is being family centered.
The unit does not have a special nursery for normal newborns. Parents are encouraged to stay together with their child to get to know them and to prepare for what’s to come.

“I love going into the room and just seeing everybody get all excited about having anew family member and this is such a special miraculous time; and if anything we can do to make it more special that’s really what we’re all about,” Kostrivas said.