2 students suspected in Mount Horeb Adderall case

Several students admitted to taking Adderall, police said
2 students suspected in Mount Horeb Adderall case

Two students are facing potential charges after an investigation into the use of Adderall at Mount Horeb High School, according to a release from Mount Horeb police.

Officers were called to the high school on Tuesday for a drug investigation after staff at the school reported students giving and selling Adderall to other students.

Several students interviewed by police admitted to taking Adderall they got from other students, police said. Some students paid for the Adderall and some got it for free.

Charges against two Mount Horeb teenagers were recommended to the Dane County District Attorney. The charge is distribution or delivery of a schedule 2 narcotic within 1,000 feet of a school.

Mount Horeb Police Chief Jeff Veloff said one of the two students had a prescription for Adderall.  He said some football players were using the drug to focus for games. Six players were suspended.

Veloff said Adderall calls are unusual, but his officers are at Mount Horeb High School at least once a month, usually dealing with marijuana calls.

Mount Horeb’s superintendent declined to comment, saying they will be dealing with it as a community. Because the superintendent would not comment, it is unclear if the players will be suspended for their playoff game this week.