2 new efforts help eliminate epidemic of sexual assault

2 new efforts help eliminate epidemic of sexual assault

While the singular message of our editorial agenda item on sexual assault this year is eliminating excuses and stemming the epidemic of men sexually assaulting women, the necessary resources are many and diverse, and thus we are appreciative of two recent efforts of which we’ve become aware.

The first is the new education and prevention initiatives announced by Dane County and Rape Crisis Center focused in diversity. The collaborative effort will increase access to sexual assault services for marginalized communities in Dane County.

The second is a report that finds universities around the country, including UW we’re relieved to say, have taken “concrete steps over the last three academic years to address the prevalence of sexual assault and its consequences.” Steps include more staff, more training and improved date collection.

We repeat: first say it – it’s sexual assault. Second end it, aggressively and collaboratively.