2 Madison businesses have been purchased-effective April 1

2 Madison businesses have been purchased-effective April 1

A company has purchased two locations of Mallatt’s Pharmacy, and the Madison home health care provider Interim HealthCare of Wisconsin, according to the Department of Workforce Development.

Guardian Pharmacy of Wisconsin LLC will own the businesses after April 1. The Mallatt’s sale includes the Madison and Menomonie Falls locations.

The Department of Workforce Development of Wisconsin said in a statement that there are 168 employees of these businesses; 98 employees come from Interim HealthCare and 70 from Mallatt’s Pharmacy.

The president of the parent company of Mallatt’s, John Michael Flint Jr., said in a notice to DWD that employees of the businesses will technically need to be terminated and rehired. However, Flint did write in the notice that employees won’t be disrupted by the transition.

“Mallatt’s Homecare Pharmacy…and Interim HealthCare of Wisconsin and its employees will continue to conduct its normal business operations without interruption under the new ownership structure,” Flint said.

Mallatt’s Pharmacy has been in business since 1926, selling various makeups, costumes and accessories. Interim HealthCare of Wisconsin offers in-home care for people recovering from illnesses or injuries.

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Dislocated Worker Program is involved in the transition to support affected employees.