2 lose money in IRS, sheriff’s office scams

Victims load Green Dot cards, lose money to scam callers
2 lose money in IRS, sheriff’s office scams

Two people reported being scammed out of money last week by callers claiming to be from state or local organizations after officials warned of the scams.

A 22-year-old Madison woman said she was scammed out of $400 when a caller claimed to be with the IRS, according to a release from Madison police. The woman was told she owed $35,000 to the government and would be arrested if she didn’t buy a Green Dot credit card.

It wasn’t until after she provided the card’s number to the person calling from the number 866-978-6754 that she realized she had fallen for the common phone scam.

Another Madison woman told police she was scammed out of $500 by a person claiming to be with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.

The 66-year-old said she thought the call didn’t make sense, but for some reason she went along with it.

The caller told her she missing signing up for grand jury duty and that there was going to be warrants out for her arrest, police said. The caller told her to clear the warrants she needed to preload money on a Green Dot card.

A Madison police officer, who responded to the 66-year-old’s fraud complaint, called the number, 608-293-1318, at talked to someone claiming to be Lt. Fred Burns, according to the release. The officer told the man she was working with the victim to get things straightened out and wanted to know if they could meet in person.

The man claiming to Lt. Burns said they could meet at 110 E. Main St., but the officer informed him that was the location of a condo, not a law enforcement agency, officials said. The call was then forwarded to someone claiming to be Capt. Dalton who gave the officer similar information. The officer eventually hung up.