2 charged with reckless homicide in heroin death

Complaint: Pair bought drugs in Madison
2 charged with reckless homicide in heroin death

Two men face reckless homicide charges in Portage County after a 17-year-old died of a heroin overdose.

A criminal complaint states the teen, Jacob Adler, and Lars Atkinson, 18, of Lodi went to Madison July 12 to buy drugs. They gave Milton Moore, 22, of Fitchburg, $75 for a half gram of heroin. After injecting themselves with heroin, Atkinson and Adler returned to Lodi.

The complaint states Atkinson told police he put Adler, who was asleep, on a couch and tried to wake him up. He then dragged him to an upstairs bedroom. When he awoke the next morning, Atkinson again tried to wake Adler, then dragged him to the patio.

Prosecutors said Atkinson brushed off an offer for help from two city workers. The State Journal reported those workers called emergency responders.