$15M estimated cost of damage in Dane County from storms

Of 253 homes reporting damaged, 2 destroyed

Dane County officials said the cost of storm damage to area communities this week is estimated at more than $15 million, with about $10 million coming from damage to private property.

County Executive Joe Parisi’s office said Thursday that tornadoes in Verona and Madison Tuesday and severe weather in eastern Dane County including Sun Prairie Wednesday damaged 253 homes and several businesses and public buildings. Nineteen homes reported major damage and two homes were destroyed beyond the point of repair.

The initial assessment by the county’s emergency management arm said private damage to county businesses and homes is more than $10.6 million. Damage to public buildings and property was estimated at more than $4.5 million, of which $4 million accounts for damage done to Country View Elementary School in Verona.

On Thursday the county submitted the estimates to the state, which will decide whether to apply for federal aid.

“What ends up happening if you get up to FEMA is they’ll cover the uninsured parts,” Parisi said. “But hopefully most of this will be covered by insurance. The vast majority was private damage.

“What we’re most concerned about is if there are areas of people who were impacted and something happened where they weren’t insured, we want to see if we can get them the help that they need.”

The county executive and Dane County Board Chair Sharon Corrigan declared a state of emergency for Dane County early Tuesday morning following the storms Tuesday.