15 students, 7 staff have tested positive for COVID-19 in the School District of Janesville

JANESVILLE, Wis. – A total of 22 people from the School District of Janesville are currently considered positive for COVID-19, the district revealed Thursday.

Of the 22, 15 are students and 7 of staff. Of the 15 students, 10 are from the high school level, four are from elementary school students and one is a middle school student.

The district published a new COVID-19 dashboard Thursday on its district website, breaking down the details. The dashboard also includes how many students and staff are isolating after close contact with a positive case, and how many are monitoring symptoms.

“What’s happening in the schools is reflective of what’s happening in the community,” said School District of Janesville Spokesperson Patrick Gasper. “(The public health department) has to deal with the entire county, we’re just helping them with what’s happening in our schools.”

On Thursday, Rock County saw a record high of single day COVID-19 cases, with 55 testing positive. Also on Thursday, the county reached the highest ever total of active COVID-19 cases, with 513.

Despite this, and despite closing both Craig High School and Roosevelt Elementary school on Sept. 14 following an outbreak of cases, Gasper says those schools will return to in-person learning on Oct. 2.

“We have it all under control at this point in time,” Gasper said. “That’s why we needed a little extra time to make sure we had contact tracing done and finished.”

Gasper says the district’s COVID-19 dashboard will be updated once a week for as long as the school year continues.