21 Madison-based organizations that focus on Black empowerment

Here are a few donation opportunities to support local groups working to fight racial injustice and lift up Black people and families in our community
Black Lives Matter Protest
Protestors march in an event organized partly by Freedom Inc. on June 1.
Beth Skogen

There are countless ways to support racial justice movements and organizations for social change. If you’re looking to make monetary donations, the Madison area is home to a number of groups that could use your dollars to better their services and reach their goals. Here is a list of 21 places to donate if you want to support local Black empowerment:

100 Black Men of Madison Inc.
An affiliate of 100 Black Men of America Inc., this nonprofit organization aims to make a tangible difference in the lives of area youth, particularly Black males. Through programs based in education, mentoring, health, wellness and economic development, 100 Black Men of Madison is working to expand opportunities and improve the quality of life for everyone in our community. Donate here.

Black Enterprise Fund
The Black Enterprise Fund benefits five Black-led local nonprofits: Madison365, Maydm, the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce, Urban League of Greater Madison and the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County. Donate here.

Boys & Girls Club of Dane County
This community chapter aims to lead the way in youth development. Partnerships with local businesses, foundations and community program initiatives work to empower and inspire all young people, especially those in need. Donate here.

Freedom Inc.
Through direct services, community organization and leadership development, Freedom Inc. aims to make shifts in social, political, economic and cultural climates, specifically to engage with low- and no-income communities and end violence against women, gender-non-conforming and transgender folks, and children within communities of color. Donate here.

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness
This nonprofit organization founded by Lisa Peyton-Caire in 2012 is committed to eliminating health disparities and a multitude of other barriers that impact Black women and girls. Donate here.

Free the 350 Bail Fund
This newly created fund aims to accumulate bail money for Black people incarcerated in the Dane County Jail system. Use PayPal, Cashapp or Venmo to donate here.

Just Bakery/Madison Area Urban Ministry
Just Bakery within the Madison Area Urban Ministry works with individuals who are experiencing barriers to employment. Those who might experience homelessness, criminal conviction history, lack of education or lack of work history or skills can participate in a 12-week educational and vocational training program. Donate here.

The Madison Alliance for Black Economic Empowerment, or MABEE, was founded by Eric Steven Upchurch II in 2017. The group is partnered with the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce, and connects Black entrepreneurs to resources, revenue streams and each other. Donate here.

Madison Black Chamber of Commerce
The goal of the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce is to build up Black-owned businesses in the greater Madison area. Donate here, and check out a list of black-owned food businesses to support here.

Maydm works to help girls and youth of color learn STEM skills through skill-based training in hopes of encouraging students from underrepresented populations to engage in tech industries. Donate here.

Mentoring Positives Inc.
Mentoring Positives started as a referral-based program offering individual mentoring, but ultimately evolved into a non profit with group mentoring. The organization provides programming in social entrepreneurship, sports and the arts. Donations can be made here.

Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership and Development
This organization emphasizes the empowerment of Black families and Black males, in particular. Through areas of programming like youth leadership, arts and culture, economic empowerment and justice and reconciliation, the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership and Development is working to transform the face of leadership in Madison. Donate here.

Positive Women for Change
Positive Women for Change aims to provide financial literacy and personal coaching services to women who have faced trauma or adversity. Contributions can be made here.

Progress Center for Black Women
Centered around Black women and their families, The Progress Center for Black Women provides resources, space and events as a means of fostering connections and personal transformation. The PCBW’s vision is to “create more powerful communities of Black women who are leaders, doers and owners.” Donate here.

Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association
Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association is trying to reduce health disparities and restore trust in medicine. The RLWA Men’s Health & Education Center is inside JP Hair Design, Madison’s largest barbershop. The center aims to improve social and health conditions for Back men in Dane County. Donate here.

Urban League of Greater Madison
The mission of the Urban League of Greater Madison is to educate, employ and empower Black folks and other community members in an effort to live well, advance professionally and contribute to the community. Donate here.

Urban Triage Inc.
The mission of Urban Triage, Inc. focuses on empowering Black families and engaging community systems and resources to reduce and eliminate barriers in education, health, accessibility and class. Donate here.

Young, Gifted and Black Coalition
This Facebook group is working to fight state violence and poverty, to enforce prison and jail reform and further focus on Black-led solutions. Donate here and take a look at the Facebook page here.

The Young Women’s Christian Association, better known as YWCA, focuses on eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all through race and gender equity initiatives, job training, transportation, housing and shelter. Donate to the Madison chapter here.

Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation
Resources for business building – finances, education, one-on-one assistance – are available through Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corp. WWBIC prioritizes service to those who are likely to face barriers in entrepreneurship, like women, minorities and people of lower health, but help is available to anyone. Donate here.

Wisconsin Women’s Network
The Wisconsin Women’s Network fights for all aspects of women’s lives, racial justice included. Understanding the intersection of race inequities and disparities, advancing race equity, eliminating racism and preserving rights to folks who have historically been denied their rights based on race are the main priorities of WWN’s racial justice initiatives. Donate here.

Is there an organization we should add to this list? Email Hannah here.

Hannah Twietmeyer is an editorial intern at Madison Magazine.