14 people now being monitored for coronavirus in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — There are now 14 people being monitored for coronavirus in Wisconsin, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Health officials said eight test results have come back negative, and only one is still confirmed. Five people are awaiting results.

The risk to the public remains low, and health officials reinforced that ethnicity and race do not have any influence on the virus.

The state Department of Health is performing contact tracing with any flights the person with coronavirus was on. Health officials would not disclose what other airports the person had traveled through.

Health officials said patients suspected of having coronavirus can be isolated at home if they are not showing major symptoms, but those who are ill can be isolated at a hospital.

DHS said there are no cases of pets with the coronavirus, but the virus itself is believed to have originated in non-human species such as bats.

Test results for the patients are expected to arrive by the middle of next week.

Authorities said the coronavirus is estimated to “stay alive” on objects for hours rather than days. In addition to washing your hands, health officials recommend disinfecting your environment. DHS said Wisconsin is not experiencing face mask shortages.