Motorcycle group honors 11-year-old gunshot victim

MADISON, Wis. — A group of Madison area bikers rode together in honor of Anisa Scott Thursday night kicking off their Stop the Violence campaign.

The 4 horsemen MC gathered on Madison’s east side before making their way to the hospital where Scott passed to observe a moment of silence, the young girl was shot in the head on Tuesday.

Group Secretary Miguel Fenne said the ride is meant to bring awareness to not only this tragedy but violence throughout the community at large.

“It’s been a lot worse lately especially this year,” Fenne said. “So we feel now is the time to really get involved and take a stand and help the community find ways to prevent this.”

He also said almost all of the group’s members have been affected by violence in one way or another and Anisa’s ride is meant to be the first step in their Stop the Violence movement. 

The group has plans to organize a number of community events to address the issue in the coming weeks.