13 sweet recipes perfect for Valentine’s Day

Forget the flowers—these treats are made with love
13 sweet recipes perfect for Valentine’s Day
Photo by Vicky Cassidy
Braised Short Rib | By Vicky Cassidy, Things I Made Today

Skip the roses this Valentine’s Day and show your love through elegant meals and chocolate desserts instead. Whisk members believe true romance is shown through drooling over homemade meals and treats together. Try it out for yourself and spend this Valentine’s Day making of our favorite high-end recipes, guaranteed to make your sweetheart swoon.

1. Start that romantic dinner with a vibrant appetizer

2. Pucker up at breakfast with these tart cherry muffins

3. I couldn’t believe my luck when a heart showed up in the shot for this Shakshuka recipe

4. One for the beef lovers

5. One for the pork lovers

6. And one for the chicken lovers (who also like to light stuff on fire)

7. The perfect way to start the day

8. The easy, yet impressive dinner

9. The chocolate dessert. Because there must be chocolate

10. A creamy and decadent dish, (that isn’t half bad for you)

11. Pumpkin seed mole (pipián verde)

12. Squid linguine with chili and lemon

13. Brussels sprout gratin with whole-grain mustard and caramelized onions