12 jurors, 6 alternates selected for Chandler Halderson homicide trial

MADISON, Wis. — The group of people who will ultimately decide Chandler Halderson’s homicide trial is now set.

The jury selection process Monday narrowed down a pool of more than 60 prospective jurors to 12 people and six alternates. Those 18 people will begin hearing the case on Tuesday morning.

Judge John Hyland said he wanted at least half a dozen alternates in case situations arose where jurors needed to be replaced. As the final group of jurors and alternates were set, Judge Hyland asked them not to do anything that would jeopardize their availability for the trial.

The court hopes to get through the multi-week trial with minimal disruptions due to COVID-19. Earlier in the day, Judge Hyland dismissed a handful of prospective jurors who said they had developed coughs in recent days, and dismissed another who said they had a health concern about the trial because they were unvaccinated and had underlying health conditions.

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A number of other prospective jurors were dismissed when they said they would have a hard time viewing disturbing images or blood as both sides present evidence in the case. Potential jurors were also questioned on if they would hold it against Halderson if the defense chose not to have him testify.

The jurors selected will not be sequestered and will be free to leave the courthouse on lunch breaks. However, they are under strict instructions not to do any outside research on the case or talk about it with anyone, even those at home.

“As soon as you say something, they’re going to respond,” Judge Hyland warned. “They’re going to start talking about the case. They’re going to say whatever it was that they think they know about the case. And you’re immediately receiving information that you didn’t have at this moment and that you shouldn’t have tomorrow morning.”

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Opening statements in the case are set for Tuesday morning.

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