115th Fighter Wing returns from deployment to South Korea

Threat of nuclear war raised tension for families

The nearly 200 airmen with the 115 th Fighter Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard have returned home following a three-month deployment to Kunsan Air Base in South Korea.

While there the 115 th Fighter Wing trained with and supported other fighter squadrons bolstering security on the Korean peninsula.

Many of the airmen have been through multiple combat deployments in recent years, but this was different given the threats of nuclear war in the region.

“I thought this was a unique one just because of the heightened tensions in the region. Talking to my own family, and they are used to us going to combat deployments, but I think the tension was a little different dynamic,” said Lt. Colonel Bart Van Roo, a veteran of six prior deployments.

Family members greeted the returning airmen in a hangar at Truax Field.

“It is an opportunity to welcome the airmen back, but it is a better opportunity to welcome and thank families, and thank employers for allowing us to do the things that we have to do,” said Major Jason Crabb.

In addition to the nearly 200 airmen, the 12 F-16s assigned to the 115 th Fighter Wing returned to Madison as well.