112-year-old lifelong White Sox fan attends his first game

112-year-old lifelong White Sox fan attends his first game
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A 112-year-old lifelong White Sox fan celebrated his birthday by attending his very first game

CP Crawford’s been a Chicago White Sox fan for almost as long as he’s been alive, but he’d never been to see them play — until he turned 112.

The supercentenarian was born in 1907, just seven years after the Sox moved to Chicago. He religiously watched them on TV from his nursing home in Lansing, Illinois, The Lansing Journal reported.

At his birthday party last month was Andrew Holmes, the executive director of Club 100, a nonprofit that celebrates those 100 years and older. When Holmes learned Crawford had never been to a White Sox game, he made it his mission to get Crawford in the stands.

Holmes told the Lansing Journal he kept the game a surprise from Crawford, even as he helped him into a limousine that would chauffeur him to Thursday’s game.

“And when I told him we were at the White Sox game, he got a big smile on his face,” he said. “It’s all about making him happy.”

The White Sox organization planned a whole day of activities for Crawford that included time on the field before the game. White Sox legend Harold Baines gave him a custom jersey, fittingly embroidered with the number 112. Crawford enjoyed the game from club-level seats, and a fan passed him a foul ball that landed nearby while he sipped on Orange Crush, his favorite soda.

He told the Lansing Journal that the Chicago Cubs, the team’s rivals, are “good, but I always thought the White Sox were the best. Chicago is my home.”

Ultimately, the Sox lost to the Kansas City Royals. But that hardly mattered to Crawford, who, it’s safe to say, celebrated his best birthday yet.

“I’ve been around and I have met some wonderful people,” he said. “I’m happy to be here.”