11-year-old seriously injured in sledding accident

Girl hits picnic table sliding down hill near home
11-year-old seriously injured in sledding accident

One area family is happy to be heading home Friday after a long week in the hospital with their 11-year-old daughter.

You might expect your child to endure some bumps and bruises while they’re out sledding this winter. On the outside, that’s what Megan Isakson seemed to have after her sledding accident last Saturday — but this week, her family found out that internally, Megan’s injuries were much more serious.

“Megan didn’t have any time to jump off,” her mother Renee said. “It was really steep hill, and the picnic table was really close to the bottom.”

On Megan’s slide down the hill outside her home in Fountain City, she hit the seat of that picnic table.

“The damage was way more severe than we could have ever imagined,” her father, Michael, said. “I mean, she was sledding. How bad could it possibly be?”

Monday, doctors at Gundersen Health System told Megan she has a dead left kidney and a spleen that no longer functions. On the surface, only a bruise remains, just barely visible now.

“It could’ve been much worse,” Renee said. “It could’ve been her neck or her head, and we wouldn’t be here doing this interview then.”

Michael was the first in the family to find Megan, at the bottom of the hill.

“I helped her to her feet and helped walk her back up the hill, amazingly,” he said. “After finding out what as wrong with her, I’m surprised we could walk back up the hill.”

Megan described the event vividly.

“When I hit [the picnic table], I blacked out for a moment, and then I couldn’t breathe,” she remembered.

Megan’s doctors haven’t forbidden her from sledding, though she said she likely won’t do it again for quite a while.

Megan and her family planned to leave Gundersen Friday afternoon. Megan is leaving with several tokens of love from family, friends and other visitors; her parents are leaving with a lesson.

“Appreciate life a lot more,” Renee said. “I don’t even remember saying goodbye to Megan when I left Saturday, and that could’ve been it. Just appreciate what you have, when you have it.”