10-year-old saves grandmother from house fire

10-year-old saves grandmother from house fire

A boy is recovering from second-degree burns after running through a burning house to alert his grandmother. The fire happened in a single-family home in the 6000 block of Southwest Lane in Platteville.

It’s a situation most 10-year-olds would cower from, but one Tony Ruch faced head-on. He was woken up by his grandmother around 5 a.m. Thursday.

“She yelled ‘Tony get up’ and then she started calling for my dad,” Tony said.

He sprung out of bed to get to his father from upstairs, but was blocked by flames. In this surveillance video from the home, you can hear Tony scream as his feet hit the flames.

“I stepped in the fire, help me,” Tony screams.

Tony pushed through the pain and reached the second floor, all to find that his father thankfully wasn’t home.

“I ran back downstairs and my grandma was dumping a bowl of water on the fire,” Ruch said. “I told her we have to get out because her face was all gray and everything.”

After that, Ruch runs to the neighbors who were able to reach officers and lead the grandmother to safety.

Ruch’s family is crediting him to making sure the grandmother was out of the house before it was too late.

“She would’ve been lost,” Rob Ruch, Tony’s father, said.

Ask the 10-year-old if he did anything special that day and he’ll tell you this.

“These things happen to everybody, well not everybody but they happen a lot,” Tony said.

His father, though, is well aware of the full magnitude of what Tony did.

“He’s definitely a hero in my eyes,” Ruch said.

The family said the house is destroyed but they hope to rebuild it very soon.

If you’d like to help the family, contact Margarita Vibian at margaritavibian@gmail.com.