10-year-old boy couldn’t celebrate birthday outing, so his community stepped in to make it the most memorable one yet

In a world where everything has been canceled, the Sauk Prairie community proved that kindness is the one thing that hasn't been canceled.

SAUK PRAIRIE, Wis. — People who have birthdays that fall during the COVID-19 lockdowns and cancellations are probably bummed that they can’t go out and celebrate as planned.

That was certainly the case for 10-year-old Jude Thompson.

“I didn’t think it would be as fun as any of the other ones,” Thompson said.

Thompson wasn’t able to go out and social distancing prevented him from being at his friends’ homes. On top of that, his mom Tracy Thompson, said she wasn’t able to get him a present.

“We weren’t able to give him a present because Amazon didn’t ship it in time,” Tracy Thompson said.

All Jude Thompson wanted to do was celebrate his birthday with his friends at Skyzone. But because he couldn’t do that, his community stepped in.

Thompson went on a bike ride around his community on his birthday and was surprised to see signs, sidewalk chalk art and his friends lining the street wishing him a happy birthday.

“We felt bad because he couldn’t have a birthday party so we wanted to do that for him,” said Thompson’s friends Ava and Jenna Shimpach.

“He had a really big smile. He was happy and surprised,” said Thompson’s friend Maya Dischler.

Thompson said it even though it wasn’t the Skyzone birthday he planned, “It was pretty awesome.”

Not only did Thompson get a birthday celebration after all in an unexpected way, but it taught his him and his friends a life lesson, too.

“We felt really good about it and felt happy that he was happy,” said Shimpach.

“Be kind and then maybe something else will happen to you that’s kind,” Thompson said.

Kindness. The one thing that hasn’t been cancelled when everything else has been.

“Not once did he comment about not having a birthday party, not once did he comment about not getting a present because he was so excited about what his neighborhood family and friends did for us,” Tracy Thompson said. “It’s something he will remember forever. It’s something our entire family will cherish forever.”