10 more deaths confirmed as 4.1% of new COVID-19 tests come back positive

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This scanning electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2 (yellow)—also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes COVID-19—isolated from a patient in the U.S., emerging from the surface of cells (blue/pink) cultured in the lab.

MADISON, Wis. — Ten more people in Wisconsin have died as a result of COVID-19, bringing the state’s death toll to 767 as of Thursday afternoon.

State and county health officials said there were 495 new cases confirmed, up from the 410 seen Wednesday. The state’s lifetime total of cases has reached 26,341, and about 19% of positive cases remain active.

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Dane County public health officials reported a spike in new cases this week, as over 270 county residents have tested positive in the past five days.

“We can’t speculate about the increase in cases, and it’s probably not due to just one thing, but in our contact tracing interviews it is evident that people are socializing more,” Director of Public Health Madison & Dane County Janel Heinrich said. “The orders put in place are one part of a strategy, and we also need everyone to do their part to help prevent the spread of disease.”

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The positive percentage of new COVID-19 tests has stayed above 4% Thursday, according to the latest data from the state Department of Health Services. With 11,222 people tested in the past 24 hours, 4.1% of tests have come back positive. That percentage has slightly dipped from Wednesday’s 4.3%.

To date, 3,326 have been hospitalized. Out of Wisconsin’s 11,681 hospital beds, about 22% remain available for new patients. Wisconsin also has a statewide supply of 1,253 ventilators, with 294 patients actively receiving ventilation.

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