There is not one person among us who would not be happy to receive $3 million if it fell into our laps. We want to believe that can happen. However, experience tells us it won't.

That's the message unfortunately I passed along to Linda the other day. That and a link to the Publisher's Clearing House scam page where it clearly states that they will not inform winners by email. I feel badly sometimes being the bearer of bad news, but if she or anyone else who gets this were to pursue it, sadly, I fear the bad news I'd be hearing from them would end up even worse.

Sorry Linda.

Please don't fall for this. Just hit delete.


From: "PCH"<>
Date: June 16, 2014 at 11:28:31 PM CDT
Subject:PCH Claims Code:..............38599284929
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Congratulation Email Winner of  3,000,000.00USD in the recent PCH Lottery.
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Mr. Todd Sloan