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Slicing through the latest Spam Report

Sorry, I missed posting on the blog yesterday. However, we're back today and with a doozy.


An "Around-table" meeting led me to $5 million

Good morning, all. I hope you had a nice weekend. 

Sleeping - Philadelphia

Talking about your Philly "Phanatic" in today's Spam Report

Folks in Philadelphia are notoriously tough on their sports teams. There's a claim to be made they are the best fans in the country, without question, their…

Generic cross

Spamming/scamming a church? Really poor form

Over the course of the last nine to ten months, I've been very fortunate to have many of you send in spam/scam examples you think are worth posting on the…

$1000 parking lot scam Maryland

"YOUR PAYMENT IS READY!!!"... or not. Sorry.

Working in the news, I'm never at a loss for access to information. Everywhere I turn, there's a television showing news. Every computer has access to media…

Credit cards file

Your credit card was NOT charged in today's Spam Report

The beauty of the internet is that limits of knowledge can be constantly stretched, consistently improved. However, it's also allowed for all sorts of new…

Schrager spam

Easy to debunk today's Spam Report

Good morning all. Hope you had a nice weekend.


Didn't win the Powerball? Don't worry. Jennifer has your $15 million.

Like most Americans, my colleagues and I did not purchase a winning ticket to Wednesday's $560-plus million Powerball. How we didn't even match three numbers…

law, justice, gavel, law books, courtroom

"Notice of appearance in Court #0000888148" or not

So today's submission comes courtesy of one of my colleagues, Nicole, who got this official-looking email in her personal account.

Book, reading glasses

"Please Read" today's Spam Report

Those who have read this blog know I appreciate politeness and courtesy, even from those who would seek to spam/scam me. Alas, when I get an email asking me…

Thor Hot Toys 3

Sledgehammer peace keepers and The Spam Report

Of the long list of spam/scam emails we've featured here the last 301 days, I save my particular venom for those which seek to co-opt the name of the U.S.…

"Bate" and switch in today's Spam Report

Good morning, all. Hopefully, you had a nice weekend.

Computer cables, wires, technology

"Re: [Info]" none of us asked for

Hi, I'm Adam Schrager. I'm tall, 6'3", 6'5" with the hair. I like gladiator movies, the Chicago Cubs and hanging out with my wife and kids at the park.


The Spam Report: "On the sucker list"

Today's submission comes to us from Carol S. with a one-liner leading into it that reads, "I must be on the sucker list 'cuz  here is another one."

Bank Fees - Close Account 1

Locked-up cash in an unopened account

hand, money, twenty

Not sure this is a bank you should do business with

Good morning all,

Michelle Obama wears Jason Wu gown

The President and First Lady make a Spam Report cameo

Good morning all,


The Spam Report is "so so Happy for you"

If you turn on News 3 This Morning next week and don't see my colleague, Haddie McLean, you'll know it's because she responded to this email she saw when she…

alarm, clock, midnight

The clock is ticking and it's "Decision Taking Time (DTT)"

I'm not quite sure what "Capt. Jeffrey Anthony" or "Marcho Ivan Juarez Ortiz" want from me in today's Spam Report, but I actually found some of their spam/scam…

Money in wallet

Assets reunited and it feels so good

Thanks to Carol Sadek, we are channeling our inner-70's groove this morning in The Spam Report.

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