Adam Schrager's Spam Report

smiley face in space

"What you need is our happiness" in The Spam Report

As we head into the weekend, I thought I'd feature this spam email from Nancy. I'm not sure it's a scam, but regardless I'm not going to entertain it with a…

Divorce decree, court blurb

"GOOD PARTNERSHIP........." or are we headed for a divorce?

This week, in my televised version of The Spam Report, we featured local actor Tim Towne's return to voicing some of these ridiculous spam/scam emails we get,…

woman looking at computer monitor screen

Don't fall for the VT8BXZCT1 spam/scam

We have a lot going on in our worlds, all of us. Whether it's work or family or hobbies, whatever the case, the days are usually full.

OTD February 21 - peace symbol

A fake peace conference featured in The Spam Report

I sit here today a bit surprised at what I found when researching today's Spam Report. Frankly, when I got the email from the "Rev William Hudson" with the…

Alex Karras, Blazing Saddles

Inheritance-gram from Zongo. The Spam Report and Blazing Saddles.

Hello and happy snowy Monday to you all.

United Nations Flag UN

The U.N. is back with a fake promise of $100,000

It's been a good 130 days since our last debunking of a spam/scam email allegedly from United Nations Undersecretary General Carmen Lapointe, but "she's" back.


Using a bogus religious connection in The Spam Report

So, it's only taken about eleven months for my wife to look up from her phone, turn to me and say, you should put this on your blog.


PayPal sends emails from a "FlavourArt" address?

If you've read this blog often (i.e. my Mom and wife), then you'll know I often write about copying and pasting the names of those who send you spam/scam…

American flag hanging down

The "Bureau of Defaulters Agency" is coming in The Spam Report

Today's submission, sorry it's a little late, comes to us from Marcia in the Wisconsin Dells who submitted this through our Call For Action website.

Protect data online - Passwords - 1

The "Help desk" you want to avoid when it comes to email

Good morning on what's going to be a beautiful Monday in Madison, the warmest since late October. I'm sure you were out and about over the weekend and are just…

The "personal" Spam Report sent to lots of us at News 3

So much of the spam/scam game is that the person doing the sending has to convince you that they're speaking the truth. Numerous studies have been done on the…

Phishing Gmail

"Can we partnership?..." Phishing in today's Spam Report

We here at News 3 are solicited by lots of folks looking for news coverage. We're asked by viewers for information. We're called by people wanting to know the…

Grammar Fail 12


The surveys related to my industry usually focus on one word: trust. It's integral to what we do. You need to trust us to be truthful, fair and forthright in…

Schrager spam

"Mr. Korley ZB" is stealing my Spam Report schtick

Good morning, all.

Funeral, casket iStock

"ARE YOU DEAD OR ALIVE?" in today's Spam Report

After yesterday's spam/scam email featuring male-pattern baldness as a typo meant to deal with millions of dollars in an inheritance, I thought for sure I'd…

Bald man

A recipe for baldness in today's Spam Report?

Hello there all,


Slicing through the latest Spam Report

Sorry, I missed posting on the blog yesterday. However, we're back today and with a doozy.


An "Around-table" meeting led me to $5 million

Good morning, all. I hope you had a nice weekend. 

Sleeping - Philadelphia

Talking about your Philly "Phanatic" in today's Spam Report

Folks in Philadelphia are notoriously tough on their sports teams. There's a claim to be made they are the best fans in the country, without question, their…

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