Adam Schrager's Spam Report

Left-handed - mothers

Back from maternity leave and into The Spam Report

Good morning, everyone.

Madison has a lot to offer, including "Madison Mats?"

One year into this blog and I continue to receive odd spam/scam emails asking to buy various products I ostensibly have.

Gadhafi on TV

Spam Report: "with due respect" to the son of a foreign despot

Good morning, everyone. Hope you had a nice weekend.

"Your Urgent Attention is Needed"

Happy Friday, everyone.

The Spam Report: From coat hangers to machetes to snowmobiles

Yesterday, we featured an "Urgent Order" in this space that sought to buy coat hangers from me. Today, the station's been solicited by Mr. Brad Johnson "by…

August Buys - Clothing

Who needs a coat stand? Apparently, The Spam Report has some to sell

Through the last year's worth of spam/scam, I've somehow landed on an email list where the sender apparently feels I have a bunch of goods to sell...…

The Spam Report: "From Hajji Mariam Moustafa Khalid, Dear Friend"

Every time I open up my email these days, I am taken to the world of "What would I do if I won the lottery?"

Who wants "Scavenger 2000 Depollution Boats with Voraxial Separators?"

Happy Friday, everyone. 

OTD December 9 - computer mouse

The sneaky "Important Documents" version of The Spam Report

Hello there all,

Grammar Fail 12

Tricky Spam Report today surrounding "Internship questions"

I am a naturally skeptical person. Not cynical, but skeptical. I ask questions. I wonder a lot about a lot.

Maintaining ties with close friends takes work, but it's worth it for your health.

"Dear friend" who I've never met before who's offering me money

So sorry all for the delay in posting lately. It is certainly not for a lack of content sadly. I really wondered at the start of this whether I'd have enough…

Love letter

The "Dearest Beloved One," email from a complete stranger

If I had a dollar for every email I've received from a stranger, promising me access to a West African bank account of someone who was "assassinated by rebel…

alarm, clock, midnight

"Please lets work together is very urgent."

Growing up, I'd wish my dad a great day at the office as he headed to work and he inevitably responded, "Another day, another dollar." 


"representative!!!" Of what, I don't know. #TheSpamReport

Happy Friday, everyone. You've made it to the end of the week.

Swearing yelling at phone

"Congratulation!! You Are The lucky Winner" What?!!! It's fake??!!!

I am lucky to have the space below every day to opine on the spam/scam that comes into our email in-boxes. I'm not sure any of my bosses ever read this, so I…


How "HELLO" can lead to financial ruin

The first email from "Sheung Leung" was titled, "HELLO."

Dentures false teeth

"You might be letter bite apprehensive" in today's Spam Report

Good morning, all.

OTD October 15 - Nietzsche

"ARE YOU STILL ALIVE" Deep questions asked in The Spam Report

In the 351 days, I've written this blog, often with your help, I've never pretended it's anything more than it is.

"Dude, I totally won," said no one who reads The Spam Report

Today's submission comes courtesy of Bob in Fitchburg, who wrote sarcastically in his note to me, "Dude, I totally won."

OTD January 27 - Western Union

Did Western Union HQ get transferred to Nigeria?

It was only yesterday when I posed the question of whether the International Monetary Fund had moved its headquarters near a Piggly Wiggly in Birmingham,…

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