Adam Schrager's Spam Report

OTD October 15 - Nietzsche

"ARE YOU STILL ALIVE" Deep questions asked in The Spam Report

In the 351 days, I've written this blog, often with your help, I've never pretended it's anything more than it is.

"Dude, I totally won," said no one who reads The Spam Report

Today's submission comes courtesy of Bob in Fitchburg, who wrote sarcastically in his note to me, "Dude, I totally won."

OTD January 27 - Western Union

Did Western Union HQ get transferred to Nigeria?

It was only yesterday when I posed the question of whether the International Monetary Fund had moved its headquarters near a Piggly Wiggly in Birmingham,…

IMF, International Monetary Fund

When did the International Monetary Fund move to Alabama?

Good morning, everyone. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Apple Watch front view

"I will appreciate your timely response"

Good morning all,

Obama Jobs - Money1

In yesterday's chaos, I missed that I won $2 million

So, in the haze of yesterday's coverage surrounding the Dane County District Attorney's decision to not file criminal charges against Madison Police Officer…

Keyboard, password, computer

Like to tell you about my email... her name is G-L-O-R-I-A

Like to tell you about my email, this morning.

Planting mid-summer can add the extra oomph your garden needs.

Who needs trowels to plant? The Spam Report apparently does.

Mother's Day weekend in Wisconsin is traditionally known as the time you can safely get out in your garden to plant without fear of another frost coming until…

Gadhafi on TV

Our friends from "Libya" are back to spam us

It's been a while since we've heard from our "friends" in West Africa, but they're back today with the premise that we're going to help recover millions for…

Counting out money

The banker I've never met has millions for me

Good morning, all.

Kentucky Derby 141 2015

A Green Card lottery email from Kentucky?

Good morning everyone,

Bank Fees - Close Account

Bogus check or bogus email? Spam Report guess the latter

So, right off the bat, there's an attachment to this which is clearly the focus of today's submission.

businessman using laptop computer

"URGENT REPLY NEEDED..." or the alternative is you hit delete

Quick one today as I've got to head out here shortly. It comes from our friend, Bill C., who jokingly wrote me that he must be rich now because he was spammed…

OTD March 15 - domain name

The fake network administrator strikes

So much of the spammer/scammer's world is to take advantage of our collective lack of attention to detail.


The Pay Pal account I don't have is being shut down

We've written in this space before about just how cheap email lists are to buy. Spammers/scammers take advantage and in a blast email can reach thousands of…


The sun will come out in today's Spam Report

Growing up, we had an 8-track tape player that my parents fired up whenever we would take trips in the family van. The youngest of my three older sisters was…

Game Show Hosts - Monty Hall

What's behind Door #3? Make a Spam Report deal

Good morning everyone,

OTD November 24 - FBI Crime Lab

The FBI does NOT offer $8.3 million in an email

All this week on the mothership, News 3, we're featuring stories on identity theft and specifically, offering tips on how to prevent it. 


A "military friend in Iraq" has millions for me

Maybe it's just the world I live in now, but when I see "Urgent Attention Needed," I think my son's overstuffed the toilet and it's leaking or my daughter's…

Bond theme songs - gun barrel sequence

Import-Export 007-like entry in today's Spam Report

Good morning everyone,

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