FAQ: DISH removes access to WISC-TV

Negotiation Update: DISH refused our most recent offer to extend negotiations and DISH has removed WISC-TV from the DISH system.

Michelle Li's Blog

'Estrellon' is born

Tory Miller opens his highly-anticipated tapas-inspired restaurant in downtown Madison. 

Lodi Fire Chief: Chris Lord 'always made people laugh'

A lot of people are still in shock about the death of Chris Lord. He was supposed to get married Saturday.

Just try it: Straw bale gardening

I've been looking for an option like a raised bed, but I didn't want to spend that much money and I also didn't want it to take that much real estate in my…

Summer obsession: Cold brewing coffee

I didn't really get the fuss about cold brewing coffee until recently. And now I make it every Sunday for the whole week ahead. For two people, the cost is…

Blog: Checking out Sur la Table classes (and a recipe)

I recently had the chance to take a class at Sur la Table, which is a new store to Hilldale.

Korean BBQ

Blog: Meet me on Periscope (and a Korean BBQ recipe)

I am new to Periscope because I'm a late-blooming Android user. Now I can see why it's so hot right now.

Blog: The best way to bring lunch to work!

We are always looking for more ways to make work fun. Recently our management brought in a food truck. Oink!!!

It was great seeing you at Race for the Cure!

We had an awesome time seeing everyone at Race For the Cure. We could have done without the rain but it was kind of funny now that we've survived it.

Madison photographer captures surprise proposal

This Facebook post by Madison photographer Peter F. Castro has really taken off.. and now he needs your help finding one of his unsuspecting subjects.


Blog: Oh my, an MRI

Thank you for your concerns about my recent MRI. In case you've never had one, here's what you can expect!

Celebrating morel mushrooms with a festival and a recipe

Do you enjoy going mushroom hunting? Experience Wisconsin's mushroom hot spot this May for the 33rd annual Morel Mushroom Festival in Muscoda.

How old do you look?

Blog: Try this 5-minute distraction

Let this website determine how old you look... and be prepared to laugh.

Joey Strong gets encouraging mail

A boy in the hospital gets quite a surprise from police

Joey Strong is the boy who was shot and nearly killed by his mother. A Facebook page has been created to help in his recovery and he's getting great words of…

Studio 184 in Stoughton

Weekend tip: Hit Habitat Restore's grand opening

One thing weekend DIYers might want to put on their radar -- the grand opening of the new Habitat for Humanity Restore East location.

All Dressed Up 2015

Area girls get 'All Dressed Up' for prom

Prom now costs the average family around $1,000 but an event in Madison is helping families save money.

Customer service review on Henckels knives

Trying to replace something as small as a pairing knife can really show how a company treats you as a customer.

BLOG: Thrift store find: $5.99 for barstools

I love thrift store shopping. I recently found these Ashley furniture bar stools for $5.99!

Ringing in 2015 (in a nutshell)

We're baaaack!  The holiday break is officially over and it was so great to spend part of it with folks from the newsroom.

Sweet Scientists win the 'Amazing Race'

After being called "low hanging fruit" by The Wrestlers, UW's Sweet Scientists show them up during the finale.

Blog: Holiday fun at WISC

Sometimes we like to have fun at WISC behind the scenes. Here's a look at our last holiday shindig, er, I mean... company meeting.

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