Spam Report from Adam Schrager

car financing money cash

15 minutes could lead to financial problems

I've been fortunate in the process of putting this blog together that many of you have contributed. Today, I owe Nancy P. a mea culpa because I stumbled upon…

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DIY Deconstructed

Painted DIY coasters make inexpensive, unique gifts

These hand painted coasters are cute, unique, inexpensive and super easy to make.

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Outdoors with Dannika

Light in the darkness: My morning at Cave of the Mounds

A long scenic route of coming to this: Autumn can be the best time of the year to discover something new.

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Michelle Li

Poot/Getty Images

LIVE: Do you agree with the president on immigration

Our top story tonight is immigration. Did you watch the president's address?  What do you think of his key points?  If you want to catch up or discuss, join…

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