City, county crews hard at work keeping roads safe

City, county crews hard at work...

There is no doubt that this week’s weather has created some slick road conditions that are difficult to navigate.

As most drivers tried to stay off the roads, Dane County and Madison Streets crews headed out into the elements. 

“We have 30 crews out that are going to be on the salt plus two guys that are going to be adding sand to the residential areas as needed,” Bryan Johnson, a spokesperson for Madison Streets Division, said.

Madison streets division employees have years of experience on the road but navigating the weather can be tricky, even for the pros.

“They have to actually worry about similar things that other drivers have to worry about on the roads,” Johnson said. “They are going to slide when there are icy spots, so they need to stay very alert, they need drive slowly take extra precaution.”

Sometimes the weather is so bad crews will take alternative routes or must wait for conditions to improve, according to Madison Streets Division. Don’t worry, though, crews should have everything ready to go for the morning commute.

“Ice is tough for everybody so be slow, be patient, break early and you'll get through okay,” Johnson said.

County crews are also hard at work. All 60 drivers were out on the roads Wednesday. The county covers 2,600 miles of road on the interstate, Beltline, state highways and county roads. 

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