An unbelievable piece of mail made its way to a Salt Lake City senior living center.

The letter was written 70 years ago by a Marine serving during World War II and was addressed to the love of his life, who is still alive. The letter was written in May of 1944 by Lt. David Bassler for his sweetheart Jane Bassler. David has since passed away, but he suddenly came to life again, just as he was 70 years ago.

David was a Marine and Jane was a student at Brigham Young University. The two wrote every week during his five years of military service. It was through these letters that David and Jane fell in love.

When David returned, they were married September 9, 1948 and after 52 years of marriage David passed away. Just last month, Jane went to her mailbox and got something inside that just about knocked her over, which was a letter from David written May 8, 1944.

"It really made me miss him," said Jane. "I could not believe it. Then I turned and pulled it out and found the letter, and I still couldn't believe it. So I went to the last page because I knew I would know it there, and there is his initials. He says 'nuff said love,' that's the way he signed it."

The letter was not in its original envelope. It appeared someone had it and then put it in another envelope and mailed it off.

"I kept thinking to myself Dave has handed this letter to some one of his men to post for him and it was okay we will take care of it and the kid has been sidetracked for some reason and put it in his locker box," Jane said. 

The question becomes: Where did the letter come from? Jane did not know and did not recognize the return address.

2News tracked the letter down to a nephew. Apparently, the letter had been sitting in a box in a storage room for years and was not found until recently and then mailed off.