Last night, I got the email posted below from a viewer named Debra. It looks like an online invitation to a wedding and she wrote, "It looks so legit but I'm sure it's NOT! I wanted to open it so bad. What if it's real?? But then again, who gets married on a Tues. @ 4pm?"

That last line made me laugh aloud before I did a quick online search for the "White Wedding Agency" and within seconds, found this link to a Better Business Bureau warning:

Apparently what happens if you do click on the link is, a virus designed to find and steal your personal information goes on your computer. I am confident this is not what Billy Idol had in mind when he sang, "White Wedding."

Enjoy this ( while not falling for what's displayed below.

Thanks Debra for sharing and for not clicking on what you received.


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Sent: Thu, Oct 10, 2013 10:39 am
Subject: Wedding Invite

white wedding agency  
We would like to invite you to celebrate our wedding in December 10th, Tuesday, 4 p.m.
The celebration will be followed by a reception.

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