Before you head out on the road, make sure your car’s tires are in good shape and that they can withstand the heat.

Check the air pressure in your tires: It’s recommended that drivers check their tires’ pressure about once a month. Driving on under-inflated or over-inflated tires can have serious consequences when driving. Under-inflated tires are at risk of blowing out because there is more pressure and more heat building up in the tires. Over-inflated tires can prevent the tire from really making full contact with the road.

Do a visual test: Look for any bulging, uneven wear patterns and cuts in the tires. These can allow you to catch tire damage before it turns into a serious incident on the road.

Check the tire tread: Make sure your tires are not overly worn by checking the tire tread about once a month. This can be done easily with a tire gauge or ruler. Experts say tire tread under 3/32 inches in unsafe.