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January 14

  • 12:00pm        NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Mississippi State
  • 7:00pm          AFC Divisional Playoff: Houston at New England

January 15

  • 12:30pm        NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Ohio State

January 21

  • 11:00am        NCAA Basketball: Vanderbilt at Florida
  • 1:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Texas at Kansas
  • 3:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Arizona at UCLA

January 22

  • 1:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Xavier
  • 5:30pm          AFC Championship Game: Teams TBA

January 28

  • 12:00pm        NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Miami

January 29

  • 12:00pm        NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Michigan State

February 4

  • 12:00pm        NCAA Basketball: Pittsburgh at Duke

February 5

  • 12:00pm        NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Wisconsin

February 11

  • 12:00pm        NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Alabama

February 12

  • 12:00pm        NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Indiana

February 18

  • 12:00pm        NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Baylor

February 19

  • 12:00pm        NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Game: Teams TBA

February 25

  • 11:00am        NCAA Basketball: SMU at Connecticut
  • 1:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Florida at Kentucky
  • 3:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Duke at Miami

February 26

  • 1:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Louisville
  • 3:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Game: Teams TBA

March 4

  • 11:00am        NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Texas A&M
  • 1:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Louisville
  • 3:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Arizona at Arizona State

March 5

  • 11:00am        NCAA Basketball: Cincinnati at Connecticut
  • 1:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Missouri Valley Championship
  • 3:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Game: Teams TBA

March 11

  • 12:00pm        NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Semifinal
  • 2:30pm          NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Semifinal
  • 5:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Mountain West Championship

March 12

  • 11:30am        NCAA Basketball: Atlantic 10 Championship
  • 2:00pm          NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Championship

*Games subject to change


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