Workout with purpose: Badger football team gives back

Lift for Life: Badgers lift weights Tuesday for 14-year-old Darien Moran

MADISON, Wis. - The Badger Football team spent Tuesday afternoon doing what they usually do--lifting weights. But this work out had a bit more purpose.

One lift at a time, Badger linebacker Chris Borland and his teammates are making a difference for 14-year old Darien Moran.

"We have raised almost a thousand dollars now in just a short span of time; it speaks volumes about the guys we have on our team," said Borland.

In partnership with the program "Uplifting Athletes," the Badger football team is raising money and awareness for rare diseases, including Moran's autoimmune disease- by lifting weights Tuesday. Moran had a disease called Lagerhans Cell Histiocytosis X.

"It causes tumors to reappear all over my body at any given time,"Moran said about his disease.

"It's the first step in our 'Uplifting Athletes'; it's our first 'Lift for Life'. I hope it's something that grows bigger here at Wisconsin," said Borland.

Moran is in remission, and he hopes never to go through chemo. He is enjoying his time getting to know the Badgers.

Workout with purpose: Badger football team gives back

"It's really inspirational to me. I want to work out more and get myself in shape. You get the benefit of hanging out with these guys," said Moran, who is an incoming freshman at Madison Lafollette.

"To meet a kid like Darien and see the type of spirit he has, what he has had to deal with, really puts things into perspective. He just remains a normal kid and plays video games and playing with his friends. He has a good sense of humor, so it's refreshing to be around," said Borland.

The Badgers are not just lifting weights, but spirits as well.

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